Pulling a Kid, Part 3


NOTE: For those of you that don’t like to read bad things, well, it’s up to you to read it or not.  

Pulling a breach kid. There are 2 different breach ways, really 3. The first is: hind feet come first (most common breach).  You’ll know right away the kid is breach as the bottoms of the hooves are facing up. They will show as a white pad & soft. When you have a kid born look at how the bottoms of the hooves are white and spongy till they stand up and that part comes off. If the water did not break yet, then pinch it to break the bag. The kid needs to come out fast, I mean within minutes. In this direction the kids head comes out last which means when the water breaks the fluid goes down the lungs. This is the reason to get the kid out fast. You have to remember that gravity is pulling against the kid and the heavy end is up front. When I see this I opt for turning the kid so it’s in the correct direction. I do break the water, push the hind feet back in and find the front feet, both at the same time if I can. Then the head better be facing the front feet as well. If there is only one kid this is easier. Turning is fast if the kid has its head in the right place. Some doe’s are small inside while others are like the Grand Canyon. If a single kid, it’s still easier to turn. Just put the 2 hooves between your fingers and turn them in a clock direction if using your right hand. When the feet are in the birth canal, make sure you feel the head also to make sure it’s not facing over the kids back. Then you are good to go. You can keep pulling the kid out. But hold it upside down to get the fluid out of the lungs. Coughing is good, the kid, not you. Now, if I see the bag is full of brown or yellow yoke stuff, the kid is stressed and it comes out breach, I won’t turn it. Remember when the legs are out to pull downwards towards the mom’s hind feet. The faster, the better. I say this but it will take time. Pulling a kid is not the fastest thing in the world. It’s just the fastest way to get the kid out.  

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Another breach way is the hind end (butt) coming. You don’t know this till you have to go inside. Your finger will most likely find the rectum first and the tail. You have to push the kid forward, find the hind legs, follow to the back hooves and bring the hooves up and into the birth canal, don’t turn as it’s probably been long enough. Just get the kid out.  

The 3rd way to have a breach kid: This has happened only 2 times, I went in to just below my fingernail and there were both hocks. If you try to picture it in your mind, you’ll understand how I felt. My heart sank. The water had already been broken for some time so I already knew the kid was dead. A large one at that. With both hind legs tucked up under the kid, and in the birth canal to boot,
this kind takes time. This one was 2 hours worth of time. I had to work my middle finger to the front of a hock and hook it to try to get the leg out straight. This was an hour just for the first leg. When it was out, there was more room to get the second leg. This doe was in labor  or some time and I didn’t  know it, plus the afterbirth was wanting out also. She was not happy and being only 10 months old, I’m amazed she made it. (**I didn’t breed her at 5 months old, I have no clue how she was bred so young but it does happen.) They don’t read the books we write about them.  

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